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Wild Magic (Immortals) 2005 г 384 стр ISBN 1416903437 инфо 4719m.
Описание товара

Book Description Thirteen-year-old DaIne has always had a knack with animals, but it's not until she's forced to leave home that she realizes it's more than a knack -- it's magic With this wild magic, not oаншьгnly can Daine speak to animals, but also shecan make them obey her Daine takes a job handling horses for the Queen's Riders, where she meets the master mage Numair and becomes his student Under Numair's guidance, Daine explores the scope of her magic But she beginsаяюйю to sense other beings too: immortals These bloodthirsty monsters have been imprisoned in the Divine Realms for the past four hundred years, but now someone has broken the barrier It's up to Daine and her friends to defend their world from an immortal attack.

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