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Tales of the Masks (Bionicle Chronicles, Book 4) 2003 г 96 стр ISBN 043960706X инфо 9932c.
Описание товара

Book Description The Toa have acquired new armor, new tools, new powers and a new name: Toa Nuva But these new abilities do not mean that their mission is finished They must still defeat Makuta To do thisанчйр, they will need to find six new masks Known as the Kanohi Nuva, these are the most powerful of all the Masks of Power The quest will not be easy Makuta and his forces will try to stop them at every turn, but the Toa Nuva must succeed if they are to save the island аяэбрof Mata Nui These are the stories behind the legends The stories of how the Toa Nuva found the Kanohi Nuva.

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