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Naomi's Tree 2009 г Твердый переплет, 32 стр ISBN 1554550556 инфо 3257e.
Описание товара

On the Guelph Mercury's 10 best Children's Books of 2008 list Golden Oak nominee, 2009 On Resource Link's "Best of 2008" List A young couple leaves Japan for the coast of Canada, bringing a cherry seанъифed to plant in their new garden During the years that follow, the little cherry tree watches over the family as the couple have children, and then grandchildren Young Naomi makes the cherry tree her special friend, and the tree's branches shelter her as she plays Buаяясфt one day, war breaks out between the two countries, and the family is sent to an internment camp away from the coast And though Naomi often dreams of going home, the dream fades as the years go by The little tree is left behind to mourn its loss For many years the cherry tree sends out a song of love and peace that reaches Naomi only in her dreams But the insects and small animals hear the song, and on the wind they send back their own messages to the tree, assuring it that Naomiбмюян is safe and that one day she will return And when she does, the tree will be waiting for her Based on the World War II story of Naomi and Stephen in Naomi's Road, Naomi's Tree is a poetic story about enduring love and its almost mystical power to heal the spirit.

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