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My Friend Flicka Book (Charming Classics) 2005 г 352 стр ISBN 0060845953 инфо 5091a.
Описание товара

Book Description Suddenly Ken heard the sound of horses coming near the house and started up so quickly that the leg of his chair tangled with the leg of the table and he went sprawling on the floor, then scаншящrambled up and over to the window Kenleaned out the window as far as he could to see the last of them as they went down the Green, just jog-trotting "Ken what are you doing?" He scurried back to the table and made it true before he answerаяюмьed, "I'm doing my arithmetic" It seems Ken can't do anything right He loses saddle blankets and breaks reins but then comes the worst news yet: a report card so bad that he has to repeat a grade How can you tame the dreamy mind of a boy who stares out of the window instead of taking an exam? Enter Flicka, the chestnut filly with a wild spirit Over the course of one magical summer, both will learn the meaning of responsibility, courage, and, ultimately, friendship.

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