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Music Of The Millennium 3 (2 CD) Формат: 2 Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьюторы: Universal International Music B V , EMI Records Ltd Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей 2003 г Сборник инфо 3686a.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Beautiful Day, Sultans Of Swing… Издание содержит буклет с фотографиями и дополнительной информацией на английском языке Серебряное тиснение фольгой Содержание CD1: Musаншкуic Of The Millennium 3 1 Crazy Little Thing Called Love "Queen" 2 Beautiful Day "U2" 3 Sultans Of Swing "Dire Straits" 4 Fire Джими Хендрикс 5 Cocaine Эрик Клэптон 6 Like A Rolling Stone Боб Дилан 7 Let's Stick аяэщшTogether Брайан Ферри 8 Lust For Life Игги Поп 9 New Sensation "INXS" 10 Bat Out Of Hell Meatloaf 11 Rock DJ Робби Уильямс 12 Sowing The Seeds Of Love "Tears For Fears" 13 It's A Sin "Pet Shop Boys" 14 Save A Prayer "Duran Duran" 15 Brass In Pocket "The Pretenders" 16 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) "Eurythmics" 17 Don't Give Up Питер Гэбриэл, Кейт Буш 18 Smooth Operator Шаде бмюлр CD2: Music Of The Millennium 3 1 Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) Джон Леннон 2 Money "Pink Floyd" 3 Ashes To Ashes Дэвид Боуи 4 Walking On The Moon "The Police" 5 The Tide Is High "Blondie" 6 Nothing Really Matters Мадонна 7 Steppin' Out Джо Джексон 8 Uptown Girl Билли Джоэл 9 Dreamer "Supertramp" 10 California Dreaming "The Mamas & The Papas" 11 Freebird "Lynyrd Skynyrd" 12 Weather With You "Crowded House" 13 Every Day Is A Winding Road Шерил Кроу 14 You're So Vain Карли Саймон 15 Your Song Элтон Джон 16 It's A Man's Man's World Джеймс Браун 17 Psychokiller (live) "Talking Heads" 18 The Drugs Don't Work "The Verve" 19 No Surprises "Radiohead" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) "Queen" Группа "Queen" была образована в Лондоне в 1971 году В состав ее вошли гитаристбсфпп Брайан Мэй, ударник Роджер Тейлор и вокалист Фарух Булсара, сменивший имя на Фредди Меркьюри, и присоединившийся к ним чуть позже басист Джон Дикон До 1973 года, пока все "U2" Ирландская рок-группа "U2" была образована в 1976 году в Дублине В ее состав вошли вокалист Боно (настоящее имя - Пол Хьюсон), гитарист Дэвид Ивэнс, более известный под псевдонимом The Edge, бас-гитарист Адам Клэйтон и барабанщик Ларри Маллен-младший "Dire Straits" Английская группа "Dire Straits" образовалась в 1977 г Стартовый состав: Марк Нопфлер (Mark Knopfler) - лидер-гитара, вокал; Джон Айли (John Illesley) - бас; (David Knopfler) - ритм-гитара; (Pick Withers) - ударные Стиль группа выбрала крайне .

Цена: 1999 руб.
Catie Copley's Great Escape 2009 г Твердый переплет, 32 стр ISBN 1567923798 инфо 3262e.

Catie Copley is a black Labrador retriever who lives an unusual life as Canine Ambassador at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston Her job includes welcoming guests, taking them for walks, and helping Jimанъиц at his job as the hotel's Chief Concierge Santol, who trained as a guide dog, just like Catie, is her canine counterpart at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, CanadaCatie, a very lady-like dog, is surprised when, one day, a large, furry, black-and-whiаяясцte intruder snatches her toy lobster and runs away with it She is taken aback, but once she gets to know the rambunctious Santol they become firm friends When Jim drives Santol back to Canada, Catie is very excited to go tooThis is Catie's first vacation and her first time in a strange city where they speak a different language Santol introduces her to a famous goat, a friendly horse, a clumsy juggler, and intriguing new foods and smells Catie finds that there is a lot of opportuбмюяоnity for adventure maybe a little too much adventureA portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book in America will be donated to NEADS / Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans, based in Princeton, Massachusetts Since 1976, NEADS has trained more than 1,000 service dogs to assist deaf or physically disabled individuals For more information, please visit the NEADs website A portion of the Canadian proceeds will be donated to mira, based near Montreal, Canada The mira Foundation trains more than 150 guide dogs each year to help people with visual, auditory, and physical disabilities.

Цена: 2320 руб.
Anglican Young People's Dictionary 2004 г 71 стр ISBN 0819219851 инфо 1506d.

Book DescriptionWhat does the vestry do? Is there a difference between a rector and a vicar? What exactly is an undercroft, anyway? Young people—and their families—can turn to this user-friendly, clearly writtаншябen resource to learn the meanings of many of the unique words that are part of the Anglican tradition The Anglican Young People’s Dictionary is a concise, engaging, easy-to-read dictionary of some 150 often-used but frequently misunderstood words used by Anglicans аяюлюWritten in an approachable, kid-friendly style, it’s an excellent resource for teens approaching Confirmation, as well as students in parish Christian formation programs It’s also a useful tool for parents and parish educators, and a handy reference for church newcomers.

Цена: 627 руб.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: The Creatures of Narnia (Narnia) 2005 г 24 стр ISBN 0060765631 инфо 9917c.

Book DescriptionMeet the creatures of Narnia! In this 24-page illustrated storybook, parents and children can relive the excitement of the Chronicles of Narnia by reading about their favorite букгщ Narnian creatures.

Цена: 325 руб.
There Grows a Crooked Tree 2003 г 192 стр ISBN 0595752713 инфо 9891c.

Book DescriptionIn 1959, two thirteen year old boys discover a secret that the town of Hole, Georgia, would rather remain buried No one wants to talk about the decorated African American soldier lynched on a анчилhot summer night in 1919 But the event cannot be ignored since several impressionable citizens of the town claim they have seen the “haint” of the murdered soldier dancing around the old live oak tree in the city park—always around midnight on Independence Day Theаяэат two boys decide they must discover whether the ghost is real or just the imagination of a guilt-ridden community Darrel Cannon and his new friend, Bumpy Foster, set out to find the truth They soon ally themselves with an old black stonecutter who seems to know much more than he is willing to tell Their journey through the humid summer leads to adventure and danger but also to enlightenment In the aftermath of the flaming climax, Darrel Cannon discovers that the senseless violenбмэясce of a bygone era can forever change a boy’s world view.

Цена: 1597 руб.
Library Mouse: A Friend's Tale 2009 г Твердый переплет, 32 стр ISBN 0810989271 инфо 3265e.

Celebrated writer and illustrator Daniel Kirk brings to life the joys of reading, writing, and sharing in this all-new Library Mouse adventure Sam the library mouse loves to write, and the children love his lанъичittle books, which he leaves on the library shelves for them to find But no one at the library has ever met him When Tom can’t find a partner for a book-making assignment and finds Sam’s secret hole behind the children’s reference section, will the pair be able to woаяясщrk together, or will Sam’s secret identity be spoiled forever? A heartwarming tale about collaboration and creative ambitions, this book will enchant any young aspiring author or illustrator.

Цена: 2200 руб.
Cars Mater-National Championship (Xbox 360) Игра для Xbox 360 DVD-ROM, 2009 г Издатель: THQ; Разработчик: Rainbow Studios; Дистрибьютор: ООО "Веллод" пластиковый DVD-BOX Что делать, если программа не запускается? инфо 13883a.

Cars Mater-National Championship предложит поклонникам мультфильма и видеоигры Cars возможность пережить новые приключения в ярком и красочном мире Radiator Springs Вы встретитесь со старым знакомым Lightningанцсщ McQueen, а также новыми персонажами, которые примут участие в новом гоночном чемпионате First Annual Mater-National Race Festival Особенности игры: Новые мини-игры, гонщики и траки Стань огромным в режиме Monster Mode! Специально приглашенные гости - герои мулаяьтьтфильма "Корпорация монстров"! Возраст: 3+ Язык интерфейса: английский Системные требования: Платформа Xbox 360.

Цена: 1699 руб.
The Chronicles of Narnia Movie Tie-in Edition (adult) (Narnia) 2005 г ISBN 0060765453 инфо 9921c.

Book DescriptionThe Chronicles of Narnia adult paperback now has a movie still cover! The Chronicles of Narnia Movie Tie-in Edition букгь (adult) (Narnia).

Цена: 2386 руб.
Brave Horse (Mustang Mountain, Book 6) 2005 г 185 стр ISBN 1552855287 инфо 5887m.

Book DescriptionIn the sixth book of the fast-paced Mustang Mountain series, Becky, Meg and Alison return to the ranch deep in the Rocky Mountains for summer vacation Becky is thrilled to be home, and even Alанщгмison's annoying ways don't bother her too much But Alison goes too far when she sends Thomas Horne on a wild goose chase after a phantom horse named Diablo At first, she had scoffed at the ranch cook's ghost stories of a horse that haunts nearby Rainbow Valley But aаяюсеs the days pass and Thomas fails to appear, everyone begins to worry that something terrible must have happened to him As the girls set out with a search party, they soon realize he may not be the only one in danger Can they avoid the curse of the ghost horse and make it back to Mustang Mountain Ranch safely?.

Цена: 475 руб.
The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt : (Reissue) (Black Stallion) 2006 г Мягкая обложка, 288 стр ISBN 0679813470 инфо 5892m.

Book DescriptionHe had his mother's champion bloodlines and his father's fiery spirit! The Black Stallion's Blood Bay Colt : (Reissue) букдэ (Black Stallion).

Цена: 427 руб.
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